PHD of Letters and Human Sciences, specializing in slavery, gold and penal company, a graduate of the University of Marseille1-Aix en Provence, Eugène Epailly is one of our contributors with atypical background. He is professor of history at the University of French Guiana, Pedagogical Advisor in Physical Education and Sports in schools of Cayenne. Author of publications and editions of books dedicated to the  French Guiana History. Passionate about history, archeology and geology, he has a special love for a precious metal: gold. This was the subject of his PHD.

As a former amateur football player in France (Nantes, Lorient, Chalons en Champagne) and French Guiana, he is a lover ball sports: football, basketball and volleyball. He goes running two to three time a week on the beach or in the forest. “A healthy mind in a healthy body; mens sano in corpore sano”! Lastly he is a also historian-lecturer on cruise ships and at the Salvation’s Islands ;”Devil’s Island”. He collaborates with the magazine because it allows him to intellectually travel through different cultures and explore new and exciting knowledge. He is also a journalist for the daily newspaper “France Antilles-Guyane”. He loves travel journals and rubrics in history. In short, He is as talkative as he is a prolific writer