Alizé Utteryn is a multi talented female entrepreneur with strong artistic fiber and determination. She is the brains behind AlizéLaVie Media and the editorial Director of AlizéLaVie Magazine.

Born in Cayenne (French Guiana/ South America) and raised in Paris, Alizé is a graduate of Paris’ Institute Superior of Human Resources (ISGP) with a Master of Sciences degree in Human Resources Management (Business Administration).

She has extensive and varied experiences, which add to her uniqueness: she is a multi-faceted Media Entrepreneur, an Artist, a Human Resources Specialist and Payroll Specialist with experience working for various global companies, a recognized journalist and member of the International Association of Press Photographers Inc., the Francophone Center of Press in New York and an accredited journalist at the United Nations.

She has also become a member of the U.S National Committee for UN Women, advocating for gender equality and the empowerment of women. Since May 20018, she is the newly appointed Vice President for Media & Public Affairs for United African Congress, the premier Pan African Umbrella Organization representing the interest of almost 8 million African Diaspora peoples and communities residing throughout these United States!This nomination made her the first French Caribbean African decent woman from French Guiana to this prominent position.

She is also an Advisory Board Member of the Global Outreach of His Nigerian Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife. In 2019 she was officially designated as the Media & PR manager for former Prime Deputy Minister Cynthia (Mother) Pratt of Bahamas. Last but not the least since November, she is Co-founder and CEO of BelleLaVie Corp, a United States of America foreign direct investment innovative company based in New York working with investment partners to fund projects with social responsibility in Africa and the Caribbean. Ambitious and humble, her charismatic personality and leadership make Alizé Utteryn an iconic figure and role model not only for youth but also men and women.