Isa Lemee is a 19-year-old strong willed, motivated and joyful young lady! She graduated with an International Business Studies Diploma, where she had the opportunity to do a two month internship for AlizéLaVie Corporation in New York, in 2019. Which she said was the city of her dreams. Isa is always looking for new challenges and is eager to share her dynamism, professionalism. She is dedicated to developing external communication strategies for AlizéLaVie Media. For the year 2020, she will be a E2SE graduate school student, majoring in Marketing and Communications on a work-study basis. As a communication and media assistant in AlizéLaVie Team, Isa is engaging in:

  • Implementing procedures.
  • Drafting strategies and communication for contributors.
  • Facilitating effective internal organization and communications.
  • Assisting in maintaining web content and executing social media strategies.

In addition to that, she has been active in the media field where she is conducting interviews for artists to offer them international exposure. In the future, Isa has big dreams of getting an international career in Marketing and Public Affairs. Without a doubt, her internship and professional experience with AlizéLaVie Corporation has confirmed her desire to fulfill her dreams in New York City, also known as The Big Apple. Ultimately this would be the best scenario for her. She is determined to succeed and achieve her goal. This is all thanks to her optimism, perseverance and willingness to learn!