The US-Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (USAYES) in Chicago has just announced the appointment of multi awards-winning Media Entrepreneur, Ms. Alizé Utteryn, also known as the CEO and Founder of AlizéLaVie Corporation and the Editor in Chief of ALIZELAVIE MAGAZINE in New York City, USA.


Alizé Utteryn, the newly-appointed Committee Member of the US-Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (USAYES), has been promoted to the position of Caribbean’s Coordinator where she would strive to assist the summit’s Committee to develop strategies and build synergies between Chicago and the Caribbean markets.

Alizé Utteryn is a multi talented female entrepreneur with strong artistic fiber and determination. Born in Cayenne (French Guiana/ South America) and raised in Paris, Alizé is a graduate of Paris’ Institute Superior of Human Resources (ISGP) with a Master of Sciences degree in Human Resources Management (Business Administration). She has extensive and varied experiences, which add to her uniqueness: she is a multi-faceted Media Entrepreneur, an Artist, a Human Resources Specialist and Payroll Specialist with experience working for various global companies. She has also become a member of the U.S National Committee for UN Women, advocating for gender equality and the empowerment of women.  She is the brains behind AlizéLaVie Media and the editorial director of AlizéLaVie Magazine, an international multicultural bilingual magazine yet another new and exciting challenge.



JOHANNESBURG,May. 07, 2018 / TROPICS HOLDINGS Ltd. / by Tropics Magazine