On May 31st, 2019, the 3rd annual international conference on prevention against drugs through youth promotion and education took place at the United Nations HeadquartersThis special day is part of the United Nations’ 2030 agenda and details the objectives of sustainable development within a framework of a series of socio-cultural and diplomatic activities. This event was organized by the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace (COJEP) in association with the Drug Free World Foundation and Turkey’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.The official headquarters of COJEP is in Geneva, and it has a permanent representative at the UN. Ambassador Hugues Sanon COJEP Special Envoy for International Relations convened the conference. The Drug Free World Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides factual information about drugs to young people and adults so that they can make wise decisions and live a life without the abuse or use of drugs. The purpose of this foundation is to raise awareness, educate, prevent, share experiences, and find immediate solutions to eradicate drug use, which is a universal problem. Distinguished guests invited to participate in a panel discussion included public figures, intellectuals, and politicians. These dignitaries included the likes of the President and Director of Drug Free World, Dr. Benard Fialkoff, and Meghan Fialkoff and the Counselor of the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations, Ms. Halime Digdem Buner. The audience for this event represented a range of diverse cultures.

During this charitable and diplomatic gathering, Ambassador Hugues Sanon emphasized the need to combat the use of drugs, delinquency, crime, and war, as it is harmful to our society. He also highlighted the chance of finding more effective ways to prevent natural disasters and help victims after such traumatic experiences. After a very informative and compelling discussion with the panelists, the conference ended with a presentation of prestigious awards. Several guests received awards in recognition of their work and continuous efforts to change the world. These inspiring individuals are personalities and leaders who stand out for their courage, exceptional professionalism, and actions that have made a positive impact worldwide. Media Entrepreneur, CEO of AlizéLaVie and also Vice President of Media & Public Affairs in the United African Congress in the United States; Alizé Utteryn, was one of those leading figures.

She received an honorary certificate for all the work she has done in the United States and globally, especially in the Diaspora. Her dynamism, investment, humanitarian, and media actions to highlight diversity were also highly praised. 

We are very pleased and honored this evening to present this honor certificate to Ms. Alizé. She is a very dynamic woman who promotes art, music, culture, diplomacy, and politics. She is involved in everything to ensure a better, just, equal, and secure world. She travels almost everywhere in all countries and works tirelessly to convey a universal message of hope, “said Ambassador Hughes Sanon. This award is a beautiful recognition of Alizé Utteryn, who also received the Award for Champion of Change at the United Nations in 2014.

by Isa Lemee

Photo: James Hercule

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