On Wednesday, June 26 Th 2019 State Senator Kevin Parker, held his 12th Annual Job Fair at the Student Union Center located inside Brooklyn College, City University of New York. The event welcomed over 200 job seekers to on-site interviews with recruiters from various organizations. The event also included resume writing workshops, and interview prep sessions. It was a great opportunity for AlizéLaVie Media team to take part in some workshop and encourage participants. We would like to thank and applaud Senator Kevin Parker for all his efforts and leadership while supporting the community by offering such a platform every year to give opportunities for anyone for better future. This initiative truly allows lifting up, encouraging and giving hope for our community.


AlizeLaVie Team


“I always look forward to my Annual Job Fair event because it provides a platform for residents in my district and the surrounding areas to learn about employment opportunity within various city agencies and organizations. I am also proud that we include a free professional development portion that provides resume and interview tips because these skill sets are imperative to securing a job in every industry. “I am very thankful to all of the partners who came together to make this event successful.” Senator Kevin Parker


By Alizé Utteryn

Photos: Solwazi Afi Olusola