Glamour, grace, sophistication, discretion, sweetness, and elegance are characteristics that Chinese culture embodies. On August 10th, AlizéLaVie Magazine was a media partner at the 2019 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant. This was the sixth year of this magazine that appreciates and celebrates culture being partners of the event. As a reminder, The Miss Chinese beauty pageant is a fierce advocate, voice, and ambassador of the beauty of young Chinese-American women. It is also a beauty pageant that selects New York’s representative to the Miss Chinese International Beauty Pageant held in Hong Kong each year. This prestigious event serves as a platform where outstanding young talented American-Chinese “stars of tomorrow” can show their virtues with cultural pride, leadership, family values, and confidence to succeed in a culture-blended society. Also, this contest is one of the largest and most influential in scale on the East Coast of the United States. Since the inception of the pageant, the organizing committee has dedicated itself to promoting the cultural heritage and communal significance of Chinese-Americans.

As usual, the show was breathtaking and a unique cultural experience to share around the world. Congratulation to the new Miss New York Chinese 2019 Tiphany Chen for winning the title.

Appreciation party

Our CEO Alizé Utteryn would like to thank the The Miss Chinese beauty pageant committee and organizers for giving AlizéLaVie Media a certificate of appreciation and for their loyal support. We are very proud of being one of the media sponsors of the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant, and We look forward to the next edition in 2020.

Miss Chinese Pageant 2019 - Final Show (Full Version)