Saina Manott is a rising star: a terrific full of promise artist straight from French Guiana  (a territory located on the South American continent). She has an unique and breathtaking voice that we could referred as golden voice. In additional she is a complete and multifaceted artist. She has the all package for her.

This young emerging artist was introduced the first time to the Guianese public in 2016 to the Lindor ceremony Awards where she won Lindors of Guianase Music (Revelation of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Author of the Year). Since then she has made for herself by wining over not just her come country but also the French West Indies and beyond. She is also pianist and flautist, who studied musicology and performing arts at the university then taught before devoting herself to her career as a singer, who lives in France but keeps in touch with her fans through social networks.

Saïna Manotte who sings in Creole, French and English. She is a fresh wind in the music world while singing challenging text (on violence, love, family, life stories, women…). Obviously she has no issue to sing in all registers (musical ballad, traditional and Zouk music, Reggae…). Bob Marley’s fan, she also performs Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Francis Cabrel … with Maxime, her talented songwriter-guitarist husband.

Since March 2020, she has been promoted actively her last new song tile, first excerpt from her album “ Ki Moun Mo Sa” ( Who I Am) under Label Music. She invites the one who listens to travel between Creole, Caribbean and South American rhythms. In the music video for this song posted on YouTube, the artist also reveals her talent as a dancer. In these gloomy and frightening times due to the coronavirus pandemic which paralyzes the whole world, Saïna remains very active on social networks. On her Facebook page, she invites her fans at least twice a week to share her passion for live music in #together at home# ensemble à la maison) a virtual concept specially for confinement launched by Facebook and Instagram. While the music and entertainment industry has been completely shattered with ravaging Covid 19 : shutdown, concert canceled and or postponed with in-certainty, chaotic worldwide situation she decided anyway to release her first album which was a already postponed. She took the shot. She had promised it to her fans with whom which she shares a real connection. Her first album has just been released on May 1st and is already top- selling on ITunes in the World music category. A gamble that paid off!

Without a doubt, Saina has the wind on her sail and nothing seems to prevent her from a promising and successful career with such talent. And why not to embrace a national career and follow famous footsteps of French Caribbean artists such big name like Tania St Val with whom she performed in a duet the song “fanm a liberté” (Women are freedom)? A big dream for Saina which is about to come true. Sky is not limit! Keep it up with the good work! Congratulation to Saina AlizéLaVie magazine wishes her all the best for the future. Discover her first album“ ki Moun Mo Sa” available everywhere! An album, which resonates with authenticity, a deep introspection about who she is and comes from highlighting her Creole roots, language and culture that inspires her. The message she delivers is to stay true to herself while sharing with the world her music.  Be proud of you are! She is proud of who she is a “Poupée kréyòl“ ( creole doll). That is what she stands for trough her music.

 “I prefer to give keys to those who follow me so that we understand each other without me changing who I am” Saina Manott

You can stream, download this album everywhere and even order it  physically from her website and receive it directly at home! A pure marvel to enjoy!


Article by Alizé Utteryn