Muryel Rava is a French Makeup artist originally from French Guiana. Her name name is one to keep in mind. She keeps getting noticed due to her exceptional artistic performances. A multi-talented artist, Muryel Rava “lives” beauty as an art. While a teenager she was a model walking many runway fashion shows and won titles such as:

1st runner up Miss Guyane 1993, Golden Scissors Award 2005 London, so forth. Her activity allowed her to practice during 10 years among the greatest artists of her time and to be influenced by their knowledge: Kenzo, Chloe, Castelbajac, Vanessa Bruno, Alex Rotin, … to mention some of them.

A graduate of the prestigious ITM School (Technical Institute of Make-up) and with her 20 years of experience, Muriel Ravel has made a name for herself in the beauty industry. In this highly competitive environment, she has imposed herself as the official makeup artist of the Minister of Justice (France), Mrs Christiane Taubira, during the 2002 Presidential elections. She works with all brands, for all types of skin either Caucasian, mixed, Asian or Black; more than 33 skin colors! Since her settlement in Toulouse, she created her own company: Muryel Rava.

She offers public and professionals her expertise. Her trainings are mainly based on a global vision of beauty, directly related to fashion, attitude, and elegance. In the same time, she participates in many local events, documentaries, fashion shows, editorials and shootings in collaboration with international photographer Emmanuelle CHOUSSY. She takes into account every personality and sublimates it with her talent.Beauty is an art that must be shared,” claimed the artist.

Muriel Rava opened up with an interview with AlizéLaVie Magazine.

 ALV: What is your vision of beauty?  

MR: For me, beauty is a harmony that comes from people and things. It is a reflection of a diet, mental and physical balance. Makeup, just like elegance, is the extra touch that allows each of us to show ourselves to our best advantage.

ALV: Where do you get your inspiration?

MR: I fuel my creativity according to my readings, my travels, through the history of art and civilizations, nature, fashion world, and so on.

ALV: From now on running your own company, do you face challenges?

MR: Apart from the artistic side, I must now also develop my company: Marketing, communication on social networks, visuals, print media, participate in events and exhibitions shows, increase my partners’ networks.

ALV: What motivates you the most in your job?

MR: Being able to practice my passion for the art of make-up by offering my skills to artists and clients in order to bring into life their projects.

ALV: What makes you stand out as a make up artist?

MR: I had a lot of experience in the modeling, entertainment and film industry. I also have a great knowledge of all major makeup brands. This allows me to adapt quickly to all types of skin, and makeup.

ALV:  What are your next plans and goals?

MR: In the future, I want to continue to learn new makeup techniques, and, I wish more and more to share and convey my know-how and my knowledge.

ALV: What is your philosophy of life?

MR: Beauty is an indoor garden that must be cultivated daily to make the most beautiful flowers bloom.

ALV: Do you have any beauty tips to share with our readers?

MR: It is necessary to drink regularly water and especially to moisturize the skin before makeup. Then mix the foundation, if possible, with the same texture, to get the right color. If the foundation is not sufficiently fluid, warm it up on the back of hand and work on it with your finger by tapping. Before putting on your eyes, you have to apply a layer of loose powder, just below to collect all dust from dry shades, and at the end, just sweep the whole of powder with a big clean brush or a fan-shaped make up brush. You can mix your free powders and iridescent powders to give you more sparkles to the whole face or in certain areas. 

ALV: What message do you have for those wishing to become a makeup artist?

MR: I would recommend they do not hesitate to themselves in the spotlight to promote their skills, work as a team, follow trends, always be alert on new products and continue to learn, educate and improve yourself;  “It’s the key to success”

For more information, your beauty expert Muryel Rava will be happy to respond to your questions. She is here to sublimate you with a breathtaking makeover. Follow Muryel Rava Makeup artist on all social networks:


Interview by Alizé Utteryn