On January 5th, 2020, various European nations started the new year with strict lockdowns. Boris Johnson announced a strict nation-wide lockdown that will last at least 6 weeks in the UK. The lockdown is designed to control the new variant of Covid more contagious discovered in the UK. He admitted that the weeks ahead will be the hardest yet but reiterated that the UK was entering the last phase of the struggle. Italy extended the restrictions already in place for another two weeks. Travel between all regions has been banned except for health or work reasons. On January 6, the WHO reported that China has blocked them entry to study the origin of Covid-19. The arrangements to enter Wuhan had been agreed upon at an earlier date, so the UN agency was surprised about the denial. WHO officials continue to negotiate with China. On January 6, Zimbabwe doctors warned that the health system is near collapse as cases continue to soar. The country has entered a new 30-day lockdown in an attempt to help the overwhelmed hospitals. On January 9, Canada announced it is considering extending lockdowns as hospitals are nearing capacity. The vaccine continues to be distributed, but officials worry there are not enough doses for the amount of healthcare and nursing home workers