Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrated in the remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. On the third day of Christ’s burial crucifixion, he returned to life, which became the day of joy and celebration. This year’s date of Easter is Sunday, 17 April, in the United States and Canada. This Holy week for the Christians is a series of events like Holy Thursday, Passover, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday, along with Easter Sunday. The holy book Bible also mentions the history of this great religious Easter Day. Although it’s a Christian cultural celebration, still secular people also join from all around the world. After Good Friday, now it’s time to celebrate Easter Sunday with friends, family, and loved ones. Christ is born again after being put to death.  Jesus died for us so remember life can be so fragile and tomorrow is not garanted. Let’s enjoy life to the fullest in memory of Jesus christ.

Alizelavie’s team wishes you a blessed and joyful EASTER.


04/17/2022 by Alize Utteryn