World Humanitarian Day falls annually on 19th August worldwide and it is a UN recognized event. This day is dedicated to recognize and pay respect to all of the human aid workers around the world which are helping in making this world a better place to live by providing human assistance to the people who are currently suffering in even getting basic human necessities.

This day was established by the UN in 2009 and since then it is held annually. This day also commemorates the day of bombings of the UN headquarters in Iraq, which killed 22 aid workers.   This year’s theme – It takes a village – highlights the fact that whenever and wherever people are in crisis, there are others who will help them. 

In last year in 2021 the theme for this day was “Human Race” and this theme signified the importance of assisting all of the humankind without any discrimination of race. This theme also asked all the human beings to work together in ending the crisis of the world despite all differences.

But this year’s theme “it takes a village” is more focused on the important role of the human aid workers which they play in assisting the vulnerable and needy people over the world.

By this theme the UN also tries to raise awareness regarding the difficulties faced by the human aid workers to the public. Hence this year it encourages all the people of the world to watch and listen videos and stories including the work and struggle done by the human aid workers. Some clips regarding it would also be released by the UN so that people can watch it. The campaign will also share the inspiring stories of the human aid workers that have been heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to data from Humanitarian Outcomes, more than 140 aid workers were killed in 2021 while helping others — the highest number of aid worker fatalities since 2013.

“Far from the spotlight and out of the headlines, humanitarians work around the clock to make our world a better place. Against incredible odds. Often at great personal risk, they are suffering in some of the most dangerous circumstances imaginable,We salute their dedication and courage, and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in pursuit of this noble cause. They represent the best of humanity.”  *said António Guterres, The Secretary-General of the United Nations, on his video remarks for the day.

Today, we commend and thank those who continue to provide indispensable lifesaving aid despite overwhelming challenges, so that no one is left behind. We commemorate those killed and injured while serving the women, men, girls and boys affected by crises. And we celebrate the solidarity of the collective ‘village’ that continues to make progress in the journey to achieve Agenda 2030.  stated  Sima Bahous, UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women,

As part of the commemorations, the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, launched a week-long social media campaign, #ItTakesAVillage, for the public to show solidarity with people who need aid, and appreciation for those who work to deliver it. Humanitarians include teachers, who serve as a lifeline for children caught in crisis. They help boys and girls to continue learning so they do not lose out on their future.

08/19/2022 by Alize Utteryn