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AlizéLaVie Magazine is a branch of AlizéLaVie Media, the unique international media company that highlights and celebrates the artistic richness of diverse cultures around the worldcurrently based in New York.




AlizéLaVie, is dedicated to promoting talents from all over the world and from all fields related to art, culture, and entrepreneurship by sharing their highly inspirational creations and life-stories. AlizéLaVie, is a source of inspiration for young men and women; empowering them and encouraging artists to expose their craft to the world to gain international exposure and recognition. AlizéLaVie, Media is a doorway for everyone to celebrate the creative force that dwells within each of us.

The heart and soul of AlizéLaVie Media is AlizéLaVie Magazine, our   flagship   publication.  AlizéLaVie is not an ordinary glamour magazine. Our magazine delivers meaningful, substantial, and deeply human content that fosters connection, communication and, above all, inspiration on a global scale. The magazine is bilingual, published in both English and French.

From entertainment to fashion to health to beauty to business, AlizéLaVie delivers a broad range of content that reflects the diversity of the world we live in by telling stories from a broad range of perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. This fosters real dialog built on a foundation of understanding and respect for the uniqueness of every culture.

Our vision statement:
Appreciating cultures”

By Appreciating Our Cultural Differences, We Reveal Our Cultural Similarities!



AlizéLavie Magazine