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Magazine #10

Magazine #10 In this issue, you will find life stories, genuine and inspiring people from different background, who look like you, examples of courage and adversity revealing themselves openly. Their testimonies make you put things into perspective and remind us life is about facing challenges, up and down but you MUST NEVER GIVE UP and FIGHT BACK. AlizéLaVie Magazine is also synonymous with love, peace, unity, perseverance and tolerance conveyed through art, culture and music. Welcome to the unique world of AlizéLaVie, the World Magazine dedicated to all cultures.

Magazine #9

Magazine#9 So what makes this issue so special? First, we will bring worldwide fashion trends right to your door, highlighting fashion for a great cause: to help the less fortunate. We also have an explosive cocktail of diverse and highly talented artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, Surinam and America. Furthermore, some professional tips will be offered to help you to become successful in your business as an entrepreneur and make the right choices for the structuring of your company. You will experience the Best of France at a New York event and discover the traditions and culture of the Chinese with the Monkey Year Celebration.. Lastly, we will tour the Diplomatic world at the United Nations with a throwback to highlight the General Assembly with President Obama and Pope Francis Presence. 

Magazine #8

Magazine #8 Through art, culture, fashion, music, health, Lovers beauty, all the ingredients are gathered here for you to enjoy a memorable moment only possible with AlizéLaVie Magazine!

Magazine #7

Magazine #7  In this issue, we invite you to discover, explore and cultivate, your mind and enrich yourself with all this cultural and artistic diversity. It is a dazzling trip that will satisfy your taste for glamour and nourishes your soul. AlizéLaVie the magazine that embraces the whole world, its tastes, cultures and colors. Enjoy!

Magazine #5

Magazine #5 So what to expect with this issue? A journey of sublime discovery, far beyond your dreams, I would say even magical,that will take you into a fantasy world giving free rein to your imagination. Breathtaking artists, a paroxysm of beauty, a melting pot of diversity, eclectic fashion around the world, innovative entrepreneurs who dare, a nod to our Asian friends in the spotlight, an invitation to tasting Caribbean and Japanese flavors, celebrities who honored us with their presence, upscale design… but enough said, time to embark on and delight art lovers as well as lovers of beauty.There is something for all tastes and palettes.

Special Issue

Special Issue At the turn of each page you will discover exciting facts about your favorite designer’s life, new trends, the art of new rising artists, their success, their failures, their courage, and much more such as the life of models on the runway… but most importantly, we will bring to you entertainment as it is without any make-up. For all you people that crave for fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, sports and gossips, who is in and out in this business, this AlizéLaVie issue is the one for you. We hope that through the magazine you will finally found what you have been searching for.

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